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Reinforcement e improvement of soft soils.

Soft soils are abundant in Brazil e represent  a great challenge for geotechnical works. The use of geosynthetics in this application is growing due to the great performance demonstrated, executive ease and the great savings generated by eliminating or minimizing the need for soil removal /  replacement.

Depending on the purpose of the project, reinforcement geosynthetics can be applied in combination with fibrochemical geodrains to promote accelerated consolidation, with piles to minimize settlements, or they can be applied directly to the base of landfills to stabilize their slopes and berms.

Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils.

A range of solutions:


The use of StrataGrid geogrids in reinforcing and improving embankments on soft soils encompasses a variety of solutions, such as reinforcing and redistributing loads at the conquest embankment and working platforms, using directly at the base of the embankment as reinforcement against circular and planar failures, and working as a “slab” redistributing the loads from the embankment to piles and granular columns.


They can still be used in association with other solutions such as: together with prefabricated vertical drains (geodrenos) guaranteeing safety in the temporary overload embankment and increasing the efficiency of the consolidation; laid over soft soil enhancements such as granular columns, jet grount, DSM and CPR Grouting providing increased resistance against circular and planar failures; and even with traditional solutions such as balance berms, partial removal, etc.


Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils.


- StrataGrid Geogrid used at the base of the embankment, in contact with the foundation, or directly on the granular piles/columns.

- Need to use granular layer to optimize the interaction with the geogrid and with possible draining function.


-  The main direction of strength of the geogrid must be in line with the needs of the work.


- Care when using connections between the geogrid panels, paying attention to those that must be structural (load transfer) or merely constructive (no need to transfer loads)


- Possibility of employing multiple layers to achieve the required strength (or rigidity)


- Possibility of using bidirectional geogrids or orthogonal layers of unidirectional geogrids


- Beware of “closed” specifications: there are applications where the tensile strength specification is sufficient and others where there is a need to also specify maximum stiffness and deformation. In rare cases, it is necessary to specify the polymer (only when there is high alkalinity – pH > 12).

Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils.

proper specification

Especificação da Geogrelhas StrataGrid para tratamento de Solo Mole
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Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils.


Applications: Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils.

Soft soils are always a concern in construction. We can help to overcome it with our experience in many different applications in the treatment of this type of soil.

Embankment base reinforcement.

Applications: Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils.

Currently, the best cost-benefit solution is the association of StrataGrid geogrids with geodrains, a system that acts both by preventing the landfill rupture with the StrataGrid reinforcement and accelerating and minimizing the densification settlements that will occur throughout the life of the work.

Consolidation with geodrains

Applications: Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils.

Landfills of Conquest / Work Platform

Often the local soil does not have the support capacity for access to the work site, making it impossible for equipment to travel and the installation of the initial infrastructure of the work. Our solutions seek to resolve these situations.

Applications: Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils.

piled up embankments and

granular columns

The use of piles or granular columns at the base of embankments on soft soils simultaneously addresses problems of failure (Ultimate Limit State - ELU) and displacement (ELS). In these applications, StrataGrid geogrids work like a slab transferring loads to the piles/columns and maximize their efficiency.

Soft soil reinforcement


I would like to know more about the concept of treating soft soils with geosynthetics, visit our link below and get to know our platform on geosynthetics.

Soft soil reinforcement


Soft soil reinforcement: 


StrataGrid®  is a geosynthetic

high performance designed to enable soil reinforcement projects in containment systems, soft soil improvement_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d-de905-58c 136bad5cf58d_base reinforcement of highways, with safety and ease of application.

StrataGrid Geogrids

Soft soil reinforcement: 

related applications

Consolidation with Geodrains

reinforcements de landfill base

Landfills of Conquest / Platforms

piled up landfills /

granular columns

Soft soil reinforcement: 

related sectors

Real Estate / Civil Construction

transport infrastructure


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