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Coastal Protection

Coastal Protection

Annually they are estimated millions de Erosion damage dollars coastal  all over the planet. In Brazil, the erosion of das margins de rivers and the oceans is gradually decreasing the sand layers and encroaching on built-up areas, causing enormous damage a counties e villages.

Coastal Protection


We present to the market two solutions to combat coastal erosion, claim de areas and emergency protections in case of climatic catastrophes or preparations for hydraulic works. These solutions are the TITANTubes Geotubes and the TrapBags bags.

Coastal Protection


Coastal Protection

Our Solutions

trap bag

TrapBag® is a modular barrier system ideal for immediate protection in emergency events and construction of prevention structures.

Coastal Protection


TITANTubes geotubes are ideal for dewatering waste to create barriers and dikes.

Emergency works and coastal protection.

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