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Erosion Control 


Erosion Control

We offer a range of products to help a protect  your project for erosion issues. With our experience in soft soil stability and containment works, we can minimize the It is made  from erosion and offer permanent protection.

Applications: Erosion Control

Slope surface protection - StrataWeb

Erosive processes pose danger to stable slopes and must be controlled. Geo Soluções offers several techniques for erosion control, from revegetation for surface erosion control to the construction of rigid structures in cut and fill.


 The verification of slope stability must always be well evaluated so that the control of the erosion process is really the definitive solution for the analyzed work.

erosion control


Below is a video explaining how it works e installation of StrataWeb Geocells on slopes for erosion control.


erosion control


I would like to know more about the concept of applying geocells for erosion control and engineering works, click below and access our digital platform e gratuita on geosynthetics and their applicações._cc781905 -5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

erosion control


Erosion Control


StrataWeb Geocell

StrataWeb geocells form a three-dimensional mattress in the format de hive. Installed, the cellular confinement system provides greater carrying capacity than any other product geosynthetic.

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