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StrataGrid Geogrids

Geosynthetic for high performance soil reinforcement

Products: Geogrids

StrataGrid Geogrids

StrataGrid®  é um geossintético de alto desempenho projetado para viabilizar projetos de reforço de solos em sistemas de contenção,  melhoria de solos moles e reforço de base de rodovias, com segurança e facilidade de aplicação.


Geogrids  Stratagrid® undergo   a strict quality control, which results in a geosynthetic product of high resistance, with physical, chemical and mechanical properties that meet the most stringent international requirements with regard to reinforced wall works, soft soil reinforcement and applications on highways.

- Produced with very high tenacity polyester yarns, with high molecular weight polymers (MW > 25,000mmol/kg) and low degradation (CEG < 30g/mol).

​- Coating with protection against UV rays and resistance to chemical and mechanical degradation.


- High performance in reinforcing all types of soils.


- Opening mesh with stable dimensions, ensuring that the tensile strength will be mobilized without excessive deformation.

Products: Geogrids


Like steel in concrete: soil works in compression and shear, while StrataGrid provides high tensile strength to the assembly allowing to stabilize reinforced soil structures with the necessary security using local material.

Products: Geogrids

International certifications

StrataGrid geogrids are tested and approved by the world's leading geotechnical laboratories, attesting to their quality and all of their technical characteristics. I would like to know more about certifications, click on the certificate links below and learn more.

Products: StrataGrid Geogrids


Products: StrataGrid Geogrids


Products: StrataGrid Geogrids


Retaining / Retaining Walls


Retainers on stone faces.

Retainers in concrete slabs.

Enveloped soil.

reinforcements from landfills.

Improvement of soft soils


Reinforcement and improvement of soft soils: Landfills of conquest/platforms.

Consolidation with geodrains.

Structured landfills.

Landfill reinforcements.

Erosion Control


Recovery of eroded areas.

Reinforcements of embankment slopes.

Hydraulic Works


rectangular channels

Pipe anchoring

related sectors

Real Estate / Civil Construction

transport infrastructure



waste landfills

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