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Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing.

Ensuring watertightness and reliability for your work.

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing.


Water containment and retention works, such as reservoirs in general (irrigation, distribution, damming and flood containment, etc.) and ponds (culture, ornamental, effluents, etc.) need to be waterproofed to prevent the loss of content, control the flow or avoid contamination. In this context, reinforced geomembranes work with high performance, as it has four innovative layers that, together, provide waterproofing, mechanical resistance and chemical, biological and UV degradation, lightness and flexibility.

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing.


Resistant waterproofing: Aquamat is an innovative reinforced geomembrane that offers exceptional mechanical strength, great flexibility and lightness combined with very low permeability coefficients, presenting superior performance than traditional HDPE geomembranes.

The reinforced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core, which is responsible for high mechanical strength, is coated with two layers of low-density polyethylene that provide UV protection to the core, maintaining mechanical properties for long periods of time even under exposed conditions. . The last layer is synthesized from a blend of polyethylenes and additives that provide superior welding characteristics facilitating field and/or factory welding.   

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing.


- Eliminates water loss through infiltration in the case of raw water and avoids contamination in the case of effluents.

- Non-toxic material


​- Easy fabrication of prefabricated panels, reducing welds on site.

- High mechanical (traction, tearing and punching), chemical, biological, UV and oxidation resistance.

- Maintains more than 90% of the mechanical strength after 2,000h of UV exposure and more than 50% after 10,000h of exposure.


- Does not undergo dimensional variation and stress-crack.


- Lightweight and flexible.

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing.



Discover our solutions for waterproofing ponds and reservoirs in various sectors.

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing

Our Solutions

Lagoons and Reservoirs

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing

Our Solutions

Coating and waterproofing of ponds for aquaculture.

Waterproofing to maximize production in fish and shrimp farming.

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing

Our Solutions

Waterproofing of adduction channels or water transport channels

Adduction channels are systems for the transport and distribution of raw (untreated) water such as river crossings and conduction channels for energy generation.



Learn more about the application and use of geosynthetics in channels and ponds for waterproofing.



Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing.


Aquamat Geomembrane

Aquamat is a reinforced geomembrane   that offers exceptional mechanical strength, great flexibility and lightness combined with very low permeability coefficients.

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing.

related applications

Lagoas e reservoirs for irrigation

Aquaculture and Shrimp

Water adduction and transport channels

Macrodrainage channels

Hydraulic Works: Waterproofing.

related sectors

Real Estate / Civil Construction

transport infrastructure



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