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Geosynthetic for waterproofing high performance



AquaMat Geomembrane is an innovative reinforced geomembrane that offers exceptional mechanical strength, great flexibility and lightness combined with very low permeability coefficients, presenting superior performance in general liquid containment applications and temporary and permanent covers of waste landfills._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Products: Aquamat reinforced geomembrane


Layered structure that guarantees success: Similar in principle to armored glass, Aquamat reinforced geomembrane has four innovative layers that together provide waterproofing, mechanical resistance and chemical, biological and UV degradation, lightness and flexibility.

The reinforced high-density polyethylene (HDPE) core, which is responsible for high mechanical strength, is coated with two layers of low-density polyethylene that provide UV protection to the core, maintaining mechanical properties for long periods of time even under exposed conditions. . The last layer is synthesized from a blend of polyethylenes and additives that provide superior welding characteristics, facilitating field and/or manufacturing welding.

Products: Aquamat reinforced geomembrane

Super strong solder.

Its unique layered structure ensures the effectiveness of the field welding process in all climates and environments.


Its more flexible structure allows efficient sewing of a wide variety of panel shapes and sizes.

3 ton/m of shear strength.

Products: AquaMat reinforced geomembrane

High resistance e faster installation.

Allows large factory manufactured panels to be customized to accelerate project field installation.


The high strength fabric core and its revestimentos  provide exceptional longevity and chemical resistance.


Meets or exceeds the category 1 (severe) properties of the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) GRI-GM30 specification


Hydrostatic, puncture and abrasion resistance withstands installation, maintenance and stresses in the toughest environments.

Products: Aquamat reinforced geomembrane

Lagoons of any size

and based on your need.

Whether for small ponds or ponds for irrigation of large areas. We are ready to assist whatever your need may be.

Products: Aquamat reinforced geomembrane

Products: Aquamat reinforced geomembranes


Aquamat Geomembrane

Products: Reinforced Geomembranes


Reinforced Geomembranes


Adduction Channels

Adduction channels are systems for the transport and distribution of raw (untreated) water such as river crossings and conduction channels for energy generation.


Water containment and retention works, such as reservoirs in general (irrigation, distribution, damming and flood containment, etc.) and ponds (culture, ornamental, effluent, etc.) need to be waterproofed to prevent the loss of content.

Reinforced Geomembranes

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Real Estate / Civil Construction

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Hydraulic Works

waste landfills

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