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We automate the basics to focus on what matters most:
Deep technical analysis.

Geo Soluções presents a native Autocad tool to assist designers and engineers in the construction of containment structures in reinforced soil in a simple, agile and highly technical way in an environment already known by most users.

We combine the most modern technological tools, world-class containment solutions and our international experience in the construction of containment structures in reinforced soil, to assist our customers in the application of best practices in the design, specification and construction of containment works._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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make drawings in seconds.

GeoQore was developed with the aim of making life easier for designers and minimizing any errors related to the reading and interpretation of containment projects, so the development of the wall is carried out through its front view, being easily prepared in a few clicks.

02. generate automaticallyas many cross sections as you need.

With the elaborate front view, the user can generate a detailed cross section of any part of the containment, through a single click, which allows the designer to make use of several sections and thus have the best possible representation of the project._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

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03. Geometryeditable.

Through the wall settings, it is possible to change the selected solution, adjust the length and slope of the foot and top slopes, allow the use of half pieces, among other possibilities, with the wall being adjusted to the new configurations immediately after confirming the changes.  

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04. create divisions vertical and horizontal in order to optimize quantity e strength of reinforcements.

GeoQore allows to carry out a pre-dimensioning of the elaborated structures and automatically defines the length of the reinforcements in function of the greater mechanical height found in the section, so that to optimize the use of these reinforcements, the user, through a simple click, must perform divisions of the wall in representative sections. 

05. Choose between methodsBS 8006 and FHWA e the newABNT Standard 16920 for internal and external stability analysis.

GeoQore allows you to perform analyzes considering 3 different calculation methods:

-BS 8006, 

-FHWAamerican and

- New Norma ABNT NBR 16920,

checking the safety factors for slippage, toppling, excess pressure on the foundation, pullout and rupture of the reinforcements.

* BS8006 and FHWA analyzes are part of version PRO of the GeoQore tool. Contact us to find out more.

06.Informationandopen results eaccessibleforfull understanding and controlof user.

All calculations and verifications performed by GeoQore are open so that the designer has full knowledge and control over the data and analysis being considered, including all information regarding the geogrids used as reinforcements._cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b -136bad5cf58d_

07. Quantitativeaccurate and fast.
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The designer has information on all the face elements and geogrids used in his project, updated in real time for each change made in the design, and through the export of this quantity he also accesses the necessary inputs for the construction of the wall, such as geotextiles, gravel , etc. 


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08. Analysis in 3D modeling.

For a better visualization of the walls to be built, GeoQore allows users to create a 3D model with just one click, in a simple, fast, direct and accurate way. 

09. Reports, slopes and shoulders, integrationswith otherssoftwares, plants standard and more...
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