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Conquest Landfills / 


Conquest Landfills /  Working platforms.

Load-bearing capacity.

Often the local soil does not have the support capacity for access to the work site, making it impossible for equipment to travel and the installation of the initial infrastructure of the work. Conventional solutions are to create conquest embankments and work platforms with thin embankments, generally employing slash needling and natural stowage itself.

In this aspect, Geo Soluções' reinforcement geosynthetics (StrataGrid, StrataBase and StrataTex) can be used to optimize the performance of the conquest embankment by reducing its thickness and improving its stability and deflection condition.

Conquest Landfills /  Working platforms.


Base support:Geo Solutions Strata reinforcement geosynthetics act in 2 distinct and associated ways:

SEPARATION:they effect the separation between the local subgrade and the conquest embankment;

REINFORCEMENT: provide tensile strength to the backfill material.

Together, these two functions allow optimizing the performance of the work platform, increasing its safety, reducing and standardizing settlements and decreasing the necessary thickness of the backfill.

​- Different materials for different severity levels: StrataGrid or StrataBase Geogrid and StrataTex Woven Geotextile

- High performance in separating backfill and foundation materials

- Reinforcement used at the base of the landfill (contact with the foundation)

- Does not prevent settlement by densification

- Greater reinforcement efficiency when there is anchoring at the edges by geogrid wrapping


Landfills of Conquest / Work Platforms

Landfills of Conquest / Work Platforms

Benefits of using geosynthetics

Soft soil reinforcement: Conquest embankments / working platforms


I would like to know more about the concept of treatment and reinforcement of soft soils, visit our link below and learn about our platform on the application and operation of dos geosynthetics.


Soft soil reinforcement: Conquest embankments / working platforms

Reinforcement of soft soils: Landfills of Conquest / Work Platforms


StrataGrid®  is a geosynthetic

high performance designed to enable soil reinforcement projects in containment systems, soft soil improvement_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d-de905-58c 136bad5cf58d_base reinforcement of highways, with safety and ease of application.

StrataGrid Geogrids.

StrataTex Fabric Geotextiles

StrataTex W is a high performance woven polypropylene geotextile ideal for reinforcement, separation and filtration and soil stabilization. 

Reinforcement of soft soils: Landfills of Conquest / Work Platforms

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Reinforcement of soft soils: Landfills of Conquest / Work Platforms

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