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Walls and slopes in reinforced soil.

Retaining and retaining structures

Geo Soluções understands that the optimization of land occupation is a crucial aspect for the economic viability of a project nowadays. Added to this, the limited availability of flat areas and the environmental restrictions for borrowing and disposal of soils, makes necessary a choice of solutions that allow o use of local resources as building material.

​It is with this in mind that Geo Soluções offers ao market one range of solutions that allow adapting the local topography to the ideal geometry of the project, through systems economical, safe and easy to perform. 


Meet our systems containment in geosynthetic-reinforced soil.

Reinforced soil walls and slopes

We have the experience you need.

With decades of experience  in consulting, design and execution of works, and with a multidisciplinary and highly technical team, Geo Soluções is a specialist in technologies and containment systems in cut and fill situations. Like countless works in Brazil and abroad, we have the experience and portfolio necessary to meet and assist our customers' technical, commercial and executive needs. 

Walls and slopes in reinforced soil.


Using the local solo itself to build the containment:


Geo Soluções  technologies employ the cheapest and most abundant construction material on site to perform the containment: the local soil.


StrataGrid geogrids provide the tensile strength needed for the reinforced soil to work as a monolithic structure and make up the containment body.


The face, which works as a form during the executive process and later prevents localized erosion and provides the final finish, depends on the architectural and economic needs of the work, and Geo Soluções Strata has a wide range of solution options to be applied in your work. .

If you want to know more about the reinforced soil concept, click below and watch our video that explains the concept in a very easy way.

Reinforced soil walls and slopes

Character​characteristics and benefits

Reinforced soil walls and slopes

Our Solutions

Lock+Load System

Lock+Load® is an exclusive geosynthetic-reinforced soil retaining facing system that allows quick execution, heavy compaction along the face and high economic viability  combining an extremely high aesthetic value.

Reinforced soil walls and slopes

StrataSlope System

StrataSlope® is an innovative gabion-like reinforced soil wall facing system that, in addition to being efficient, economical and sustainable, has several coating options. StrataSlope® uses face elements composed of welded and specially hot-dip galvanized wire mesh, bent in an “L”, stabilized with equispaced metal bars (struts), allowing its filling mechanically with greater speed, efficiency and economy._cc781905-5cde -3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_ 

Reinforced soil walls and slopes

Enveloped Soil

Enveloped soil retainers are the most cost-effective structures. Its application is simple and efficient, resulting in a safe and low cost structure.

Reinforced soil walls and slopes


Reinforced soil walls and slopes


StrataGrid®  is a geosynthetic

high performance designed to enable soil reinforcement projects in containment systems, soft soil improvement_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d-de905-58c 136bad5cf58d_base reinforcement of highways, with safety and ease of application.

StrataGrid Geogrids.

StrataTex Woven Geotextiles

StrataTex W is a high performance woven polypropylene geotextile ideal for reinforcement, separation and filtration and soil stabilization. 

Lock+Load System

Lock+Load® é um exclusivo sistema de contenção que permite a rápida execução de obras geotécnicas aliando um elevadíssimo valor aesthetic and extreme economic viability.

StrataSlope System

StrataSlope® is an innovative, gabion-like system, that in addition to being efficient, economical and sustainable, has several options for coatings.

Walls and slopes in reinforced soil.

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