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Aesthetics + Functionality

Lock+Load® é um exclusivo sistema de contenção que permite a rápida execução de obras geotécnicas aliando um elevadíssimo valor aesthetic and extreme economic viability.



The concept of the Lock+Load® system is based on fundamental elements of an effective containment system: Guarantee of drainability, low deformability and ease of execution.


The Lock+Load® module is made up of two pieces in reinforced concrete: Plate and Buttress. When joined, they allow the confinement and mechanized compaction of granular material close to the face, creating a set with high self-weight, which can be compared to monolithic concrete pieces such as precast plates_cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_or segmental blocks, with the advantage of being completely draining and easy to install (no equipment needed to lift the parts). 


Lock+Load System

Unparalleled finish and aesthetics.

The ease of installation and its finish make Lock+Load a unique product in our territory.

Lock+Load System

Corners and curves.

The Lock+Load system can be applied to any terrain and layout, ensuring productivity and economic viability.

Benefits of using geogrids.

Lock+Load System

Use of geogrids as a reinforcement element

StrataGrid geogrids are embedded in the ground and increase the strength of the backfill. Lock+Load plates perform containment closure and serve as form during construction.


Lock+Load System

Worldwide standard of finish and construction.

Use of best practices in system fabrication and construction.

Lock+Load System

Modulated system for high performance execution.

The Lock+Load system was developed with the premise of incorporating the best construction practices and combining functionality and aesthetics. Its construction is modulated and repetitive.

Lock+Load System


Containment systems: Lock+Load


Containment systems: Lock+Load


Retaining / Retaining Walls


Retainers on stone faces.

Retainers in concrete slabs.

Enveloped soil.

reinforcements from landfills.

Containment systems: Lock+Load

related applications

Strata Slope System

Enveloped Soil

Containment systems: Lock+Load

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Real Estate / Civil Construction

transport infrastructure

Technical information
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