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Road reinforcements

Geo Soluções has a range of options for strengthening soils and subgrades for road and railway construction.


Strata products improve haul roads, airport runways, railroads and paved and unpaved highways.

Applications: Road reinforcement


Geosynthetics are used in road projects such as railways, paved and unpaved roads, to solve associated problems in material separation, filtration, drainage, waterproofing and reinforcement.

In the reinforcement situation, the StrataBase geogrid and the StrataWeb geocell are usually placed between the base or sub-base layers (ballast or sub-ballast) or between one of these and the subgrade to provide reinforcement for the track structure. Its applicability ranges from temporary works and work platforms to definitive paved and unpaved roads and railways.


In Brazil, the study of pavements is of great importance given the growing need to

improvement of the situation of the national road network. Research data from the National Transport Confederation (CNT, 2015) show more than 65% of the surface conditions of road pavements in Brazil are worn, cracked, patched or have holes, sinkings, undulations and even completely destroyed. In this aspect, the use of StrataWeb and StrataBase can help correct these problems, maximizing pavement performance and minimizing costs.

Reinforcement of Roads


More than one utility: The improvement provided by the StrataBase and StrataWeb boosters is attributed to three key mechanisms: 

  • Lateral constraint of displacements: primary mechanism of reinforcement that can be translated as a lateral constraint of the base/sub-base aggregate (ballast/sub-ballast) when it is subjected to surface loads.

  • Improved load capacity: as StrataBase and StrataWeb are materials with high tensile strength, they promote greater soil mobilization, generating greater support capacity in addition to reducing the stress on the subgrade.

  • Membrane Effect: When requested, StrataBase and StrataWeb assume a tensioned membrane shape that provides a reaction to the stress supporting the imposed load.

Reinforcement of Roads


Applications: Road Reinforcements

Reinforcements of unpaved roads

The StrataBase geogrid, arranged in the contact between the granular layer and the subgrade, provides reinforcement to the track structure, increasing its usefulness by reducing deflections and reducing the necessary interventions on the side and service roads.

Applications: Road Reinforcements

Flooring base and sub-base reinforcements

Soft soils are always a concern in construction. We can help to overcome it with our experience in many different applications in the treatment of this type of soil.

I would like to know more about the concept and improvement provided by the reinforcements to increase load support on paved and unpaved roads, visit our link below and learn about our platform on application and operation dos geosynthetics.

Applications: Road Reinforcements

Ballast reinforcements and     railway sub-ballast.

The StrataBase geogrid and the StrataWeb geocell, arranged in the ballast or sub-ballast layers or between one of these and the subgrade, provide reinforcement to the rail structure, maximizing its performance and minimizing intervention and repair costs.

StrataWeb Geocell

StrataWeb geocells form a three-dimensional mattress in the format de hive. Installed, the cellular confinement system provides greater carrying capacity than any other product geosynthetic.

Reinforcement of Roads


Reinforcement of Roads


StrataBase Geogrids

StrataBase® is a rigid biaxial geogrid that offers structural reinforcement for roads, paved and unpaved, through its high rigidity, dimensional stability and high strength of its connections.

Road reinforcement:

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Road reinforcements.

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