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Mechanized, fast and safe.


StrataSlope® is an innovative gabion-like system, that in addition to being efficient, economical and sustainable, has several options for coatings.


The StrataSlope®   uses face elements composed of welded meshes andgalvanized specially protected against corrosion, bent in “L”, stabilized with equispaced metallic bars (struts), allowing its filling mechanically with more speed, efficiency and economy.

StrataSlope System

Mechanization of the construction process.

The StrataSlope construction process is repetitive and fully mechanized. This fact makes StrataSlope the fastest performing solution compared to existing containment solutions on the market. The installation of StrataSlope modules does not secure or delay landfill compaction and is ahead of existing solutions.

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StrataSlope System

Green facing.

The system allows the application of other types of face coating, such as grass plates for green facing, among others.

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StrataSlope System

Stone facing.

The system allows the application of other types of face coating. Other material types can be used based on the project and its application.

StrataSlope System

Recognition by the technical community.

The StrataSlope system won the 2014 Milton Vargas Award in the category"Innovation of the Year"  for the magazine Fundações e Obras Geotécnicas. This recognition was given  by a panel of 40 geotechnical engineers, who evaluated its application and benefits against existing solutions.

StrataSlope System

Solution inserted in SICRO-DNIT

The StrataSlope system has been analyzed and approved by the competent federal bodies and is part of the range of solutions approved by the SICRO-DNIT.

Contact us to learn more about specifying StrataSlope in your project. We will give all the necessary technical support.

Strata Slope System


Containment systems: StrataSlope



Containment systems: StrataSlope

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Retaining / Retaining Walls


Retainers on stone faces.

Retainers in concrete slabs.

Enveloped soil.

reinforcements from landfills.

waste landfills


Landfill Verticalization

Waste landfill coverage

Erosion Control


Recovery of eroded areas.

Reinforcements of embankment slopes.

Hydraulic Works


Rectangular channels.

.Channels trapezoidal.

Dissipation basins.

Hydraulic stairs.

Walls and slopes in reinforced soil.

related applications



Enveloped Soil

related sectors

Real Estate / Civil Construction

transport infrastructure



waste landfills

Technical information
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