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Waste Landfill

Permanent roofing solutions e temporary, water descents and slurry filtration, among others.

Solid waste landfills

Solid waste landfills

Verticalization of waste landfills​id

The geosynthetic reinforced soil technique in waste landfills can be applied to maximize storage volume. The creation of “dykes” of reinforced soil considerably increases the useful volume of the waste disposal cells, also increasing their period of operation.

Solid waste landfills

Daily coverages for slurry protection and control. Definitive protections with geocells and grams. Learn more about our solutions.

Daily and long-term coverage

Solid Waste Landfill

We present solutions for emergency protections or situations that need temporary protection regarding erosion control, floods, sediments, among others.

Emergency or temporary protection.

Solid waste landfills

Applied to the bases of paved or unpaved roads, they promote confinement and integration with the granular material and allow substantial reductions in pavement thickness.

Reinforcement of paved and unpaved roads.

Solid waste landfills

Solutions for plumbing, water descents, hydraulic ladders, among others.

Plumbing, water descents and hydraulic works.

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