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Aquaculture e 

Shrimp farming

Aquaculture and Shrimp

Ensuring watertightness and reliability for your work.


Solutions used and approved in the main markets of the world for the strongest sector in our country.

Applications: Waterproofing

Solution for waterproofing ponds and reservoirs.

We know the producer's needs regarding the installation and maintenance of geomembranes. With this in mind, we offer a product that is easy to install due to its high strength and lightness. 

Applications: Waterproofing

We present a coating that allows the producer to avoid water loss by percolation, better control of pH, salinity, temperature, oxygenation, waste generation, crop feeding process, cleaning and algae proliferation and others organisms in the water, which is pumped directly from the sea into these tanks.

Resistance and durability.

Applications: Waterproofing

Lightness and resistance for the construction of elevated tanks. Ease of handling, installation and soldering. Returns on investments in less time.

elevated tanks

Hydraulic Works: Aquaculture and Shrimp Farming



Hydraulic works: aquaculture and shrimp farming


Learn more about the application and use of geosynthetics in hydraulic works. Access our digital platform e free on the application of geosynthetics in ponds, adduction channels and ponds for fish and shrimp farming.

Hydraulic works: Aquaculture and Carniculture


Waterproofing: Ponds for Aquaculture and Shrimp Farming


Aquamat is an innovative geomembrane that provides superior performance in general liquid containment applications and temporary and permanent waste landfill covers.

Aquamat Reinforced Geomembranes

Waterproofing: Ponds for Aquaculture and Shrimp Farming

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Lagoas e reservoirs for irrigation

Waterproofing: Ponds for Aquaculture and Shrimp Farming

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