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Hydraulic Works: Macrodrainage

Canais de micro e macro drenagem precisam ter revestimento para evitar a erosão progressiva do fluxo de_cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_água. A geocélula StrataWeb apresenta benefits na execution e na longevity of the work.

Hydraulic Works: Macrodrainage.


Micro and macro drainage channels need to be lined to prevent progressive erosion of the water flow. In this condition, the StrataWeb geocell is used as a formwork that allows a fast and efficient filling of the coating, reducing execution costs and allowing different types of finishing depending on the flow conditions: vegetation, gravel and concrete.


StrataWeb is used for full-section lining in trapezoidal channels and the bottoms of rectangular channels.

Hydraulic Works: Macrodrainage


Formwork in cell confinement format: StrataWeb geocells are supplied in closed panels that are quickly and simply opened on site with an accordion, after the StrataWeb is anchored in channels at the top of the slopes. The filling of the cells, which function as molds, is done effectively, finishing the channel coating process.

Hydraulic Works: Macrodrainage


​- Possibilities of different coatings depending on the flow needs: vegetation, granular material and concrete.

- StrataWeb geocells are made of high density polyethylene (100% virgin HDPE) with high mechanical resistance and chemical, biological and UV degradation.


- StrataWeb walls have a unique roughness pattern and perforations in order to maximize the efficiency of confining the infill material.


- When filled with concrete, StrataWeb does not require expansion joints.

Hydraulic Works: Macrodrainage


Hydraulic works: Macrodrainage


Find out more about the application and use of geosynthetics in hydraulic works: acution channels, waterproofing ponds for water transport among other applications.

Hydraulic works: Macrodrainage


Hydraulic Works: Macrodrainage


Geocélulas StrataWeb

StrataWeb® geocells are produced with strips of extruded polymer welded into joints that, when expanded, form a three-dimensional honeycomb mattress.

StrataSlope System

StrataSlope® is an innovative, gabion-like system, that in addition to being efficient, economical and sustainable, has several options for coatings.

StrataTex Woven Geotextiles

StrataTex W is a high performance woven polypropylene geotextile ideal for reinforcement, separation and filtration and soil stabilization. 

Hydraulic Works: Macrodrainage

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Hydraulic Works: Macrodrainage.

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