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Environmental Applications

Permanent roofing solutions e temporary, water descents and slurry filtration, among others.

Other environmental applications.

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Environmental applications with geosynthetics


Ponds for irrigation.


Ponds for aquaculture and shrimp farming.

Rectangular and trapezoidal channels.

Ornamental ponds and waterproofing.

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Solutions / Products

Geocélula StrataWeb

StrataWeb Geocells

StrataWeb® geocells   form a three-dimensional honeycomb mattress. Instalado, o sistema de confinamento celular fornece maior capacidade de carga do que qualquer outro produto geossintético. 

Reinforced Geomembranes


RhinoMat is an innovative geomembrane that provides superior performance in general liquid containment applications e temporary and permanent landfill covers.

Geogrelha StrataGrid

StrataGrid Geogrids

StrataGrid®  is a geosintético 

high performance designed to enable soil reinforcement projects in containment systems, soft soil improvement_cc781905-5cde-3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d-de905-58c 136bad5cf58d_base reinforcement of highways, with safety and ease of application.


StrataSlope System

Easy-to-install “L”-shaped metallic elements that, filled with local soil or stone,  allow the construction of containment in reinforced embankment with different finishes.

Geotêxtil StrataTex

Geotextile StrataTex Fabric

StrataTex W is a high performance woven polypropylene geotextile ideal for reinforcement, separation and filtration and soil stabilization. 

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