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Contaminated Areas

Solutions for capturing and waterproofing areas with contaminants.

Caring for the environment with care.

Our solutions help our customers to meet the most varied demands e complexas buildings.  

Environmental preservation combined with high technical knowledge of applications cria resultados extraordinary.

Environmental Applications:  Contaminated Areas

Environmental Applications


 Drop water in landfills

 App Delimitation / Domain Ranges

 Permanent covers

 Provisional / daily coverage

 Coverturas de lagoas/  Biodigesters

 Slurry filtration

 Protection of geomembranes / liners

waterproofing e 

Hydraulic Works.


 Trapezoidal channels / rectangulares

 Ponds and reservoirs

 Dissipation basins

 Water descents/Hydraulic stairs

 Ditch bottom reinforcement.

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