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waste landfills

Waste landfill coverage

Aquamat reinforced geomembranes offer exceptional mechanical resistance, great flexibility and lightness combined with very low permeability coefficients, presenting superior performance in applications of temporary and permanent coverings in waste landfills.


In accordance with the current regulations related to the implementation of landfills, the daily coverage process is foreseen, as well as the coverage process for closing the activity at the site.


Such coverages, daily, provisional and definitive, have purposes that complement each other during the useful life and after the process of using the waste storage area.



- Agility and greater ease in the daily coverage process.

The application of the covering blanket speeds up the process of daily covering the areas and eliminates the need for heavy equipment.


- Fast and efficient protection from Rainwater.

The application of a cover minimizes the volumes of leachate generated by the infiltration of rainwater, reducing treatment and maintenance costs.


- Vector Control.

Vector proliferation is a major problem to be controlled in landfills. With the use of an adequate roofing system, in addition to eliminating this problem, better integration with the environment can be achieved.



Waste landfills: Permanent, temporary and daily covers

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GeoCover reinforced polymeric geosynthetic barriers are composed by the association of a reinforced HDPE core, with LDPE layers super additives against UV degradation.

StrataWeb Geocell

StrataWeb geocells form a three-dimensional mattress in the format de hive. Installed, the cellular confinement system assists in erosion control and load support.

Waste landfills: Permanent, temporary and daily covers

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Waste landfills: Permanent, temporary and daily covers

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