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Resistance, efficiency e durability for the most complex applications.


Containment Systems  / Retaining Walls

Whether the situation of containment in cutting the land or gaining area by embankment, our solutions are focused on the safety and feasibility of your project. Whether it is a stone-faced wall, slabs or green, we are ready to assist you.


Base reinforcement de embankments and improvement of soft soils.

Soft soils are always a concern in construction. We can help to overcome it with our experience in many different applications in the treatment of this type of soil.


Applied to the bases of paved or unpaved roads, they promote confinement and integration with the granular material and allow substantial reductions in pavement thickness.

Reinforcement of paved and unpaved roads.


Geo Solutions provides a number of products to help protect your project from erosion problems. With our experience in soft soil stability and containment works, we can minimize the effect of erosion and provide permanent protection.

Erosion Control and Bioengineering


We present solutions for emergency protections or situations that need temporary protection regarding erosion control, floods, sediments, among others.

Emergency or temporary protection.

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