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High strength polyethylene fabric.


RhinoWrap™ is a high-strength coated woven polyethylene fabric that provides industry-leading protection for your valuable investments.


Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications such as: truck tarpaulins, agricultural tarps, temporary shelters, curtains and bird covers, earth covers, cargo covers, machine covers, drum linings, floor underlays, wood sheets , packaging, bags and much more.

Made with SurFlex™ technology, a polyolefin blend surface film that allows for excellent thermal fusion welding.


Its more flexible structure  allows efficient sewing of a wide variety of panel shapes and sizes.

Super strong solder.

High strength and faster installation

Allows large factory-fabricated panels to be customized to accelerate project field installation


The high strength fabric core and its revestimentos  provide exceptional longevity and chemical resistance.


Meets or exceeds the Geosynthetic Institute (GSI) GRI-GM30 specification category 1 (severe) properties


Hydrostatic, puncture and abrasion resistance withstands installation, maintenance and stresses in the toughest environments.

Technical Characteristics

Understand what makes Rhinomat stronger and lighter than conventional geomembranes.

See our step-by-step guide on technical information and its comparisons with the international standard GM30.

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 - Recovery of eroded areas.

 - Reinforcement of embankment slopes.


We present the benefits of Rhinomat geomembrane application


Faster installation than a geomembrane conventional.


50% lighter product per m2 compared to conventional geomembrane.


stronger compared to conventional geomembrane.


years old

warranty for buried product.


years old

warranty for product exposed to the sun.

 - Recovery of eroded areas.

 - Reinforcement of embankment slopes.


 - Trapezoidal channels.

 - Rectangular channels.

 - Lagoons and reservoirs.

 - Water descents.

 - Hydraulic stairs.

 - Imperm. of surfaces in  general

 - Water descents in landfills of  waste.

 - Permanent covers.

 - Temporary and daily coverage.

 - Pond and biodigester covers.

 - General material coverings.


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