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Containment systems: Lock+Load


The module LOCK + LOAD is composed of two parts; a panel and a buttress that are assembled through a single, precise fit. The assembled LOCK + LOAD module has a face area of 0.32 m2   and weighs around 59kg, making it the largest manually installed retaining face on the market.

LOCK+LOAD has been widely used in mechanically stabilized earth retainers . These retainers (MSE) can be designed by any code approved procedure (AASHTO, NCMA etc.).


All design procedures consider the details of the cladding elements used ​​ for containment. These design  considerations include; component strength, durability and connection mechanism.


LOCK + LOAD elements are produced using 5500 psi (42mpa) polyfiber reinforced concrete. Both elements have steel reinforcement. The panel reinforcement is made of corrosion resistant steel that extends out of the back panel to provide a connection loop for attaching to the buttress.

Containment systems: Lock+Load

Panel Resistance

The resistance tests of the LOCK+LOAD panel aim to verify the resistance of the part and the fitting elements.

Steel connecting rings (loops)  are forced out of the concrete panel with a value of 2727 kg and provide a design life of 75 to 100 years, using standard corrosion criteria of the AASHTO for connecting steel.


LOCK+LOAD products have been tested and certified at laboratory.

Containment systems: Lock+Load

Strength of the Buttress (floor reinforcement of the panel)

The buttress is incorporated into the compacted backfill, immediately behind the containment face panel. Testes avaliaram o embutimento do contraforte em várias situações de estresses com confinamento diferentes. The padding in the buttress zone is currently specified as brita limpa compacted.


Tests show that the strength do buttress is  6 greater than the existing forces in this containment region, thus ensuring a large safety factor the connection of the buttress  to the ground mass. These tests are also available upon request.

Containment systems: Lock+Load

Download: Technical Installation Manual

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