Designer support tools.

We present the most complete and modern tool package to construct retaining wall structures, meeting the BS8006, FHWA standards and the new ABNT standard for reinforced soil structure.

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We present a native Autocad tool to assist designers and engineers in constructing reinforced retaining wall structures in a simple, agile, and highly technical way in an environment already known by most users.


We combine the most modern technological tools, world-class facing systems and products, and our international experience in the last decades to assist our clients in their projects, feasibility studies, and even in defining the best retaining wall structure.

We put our experience in building reinforced retaining wall structures organized into a risk matrix for use by the entire technical community.


Assess all risks in the pre-design, design, construction, and maintenance stages of reinforced soil structures.

GeoAcademy is a free digital platform on geosynthetics, their characteristics, applications in a modular format for all professionals in the sector, regardless of their level of prior knowledge.

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